Thursday, 22 January 2009

My first ever Blog Award!!!!

This is my first award ever ever ever from Allison so thank you Allison, i dont know who I should pass it on to cos I dont know that many bloggers that well. So i will give it to Kath, Carol, Bev, Lorraine in Malta, and Eva from California. They then have to list the 5 things they are most addicted and to and pass it on to 5 others.

My top 5 Addictions are

1. Crafting/shopping for craft goodies
2. Most Haunted TV show
3. Blogging/Facebook
4. Anything Sweet
5. MAC makeup

Would like to thank any visitors to my blog who have left lovely comments which have 'Encouraged' me.


Kath said...

thank you so much Sue for thinking of me for this award...Hugs Kath xxxx

Allison said...

clever you, working out how to collect it- easy when you know how isn't it- once I find out about watermarks will let you know that too
away to try and find bling for Saturday- might just need to go down the glitter route!!!

Lorraine A said...

Thankyou for this Sue, I really appreciate it :-)
I ve had a terrible day and really was in need of a bit of cheering up :-)
Thanks so much x